Japanese company "REAL-f" makes really f-ing accurate 3-D copies of your face

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If Silence of the Lambs gave you nightmares, you should probably just navigate away from this page right now. Otherwise, prepare to be impressed, intrigued, and deeply disturbed — all at the same time.

You're looking at the work of Japanese company REAL-f. REAL-f specializes in the production of "3-Dimensional Photo Forms," i.e. freakishly realistic masks and busts of just about anybody willing to throw down the cash to have one made of him/herself.

Those interested in possessing an exact replica of their face (down to the level of individual pores and eye vasculature, according to REAL-f's website) can get a 3D "face mask" for US $3,920. A copy of your entire head will set you back US $5,875. Additional face and head copies run $780 and $1,960, respectively.


Do I want one? Absolutely. Would I ever sleep in the same room as my mask? Absolutely not.

You can find more pictures on REAL-f's Website and Facebook Page

[REAL-f via TechCrunch]