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Japan's Electromagnetic Trains Cause Paperclips to Dance

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

These paperclips, when placed on the floor of a japanese commuter train, stand up on their ends and dance whenever the train accelerates or brakes thanks electromagnetism.

The video - shot on the Rokko Liner in Kobe, Japan - shows how paperclips stand on end when the train accelerates and brakes. The magnetism, which is produced by the electric current that drives the motors located under the floor, apparently poses no harm to the human body, though it could damage credit cards, mobile phones, or other electronic devices if left on the floor. The Kobe New Transit Company, which operates the Rokko Liner (as well as the Port Liner, which uses similar trains), says extra shielding is being installed just in case.

The only thing that happens to paper clips when they're placed on American trains is that they get fed up and decide to just drive next time. Hiyo! [Kobe Shimbun via Pink Tentacle]