Jenga-Inspired Table Is Hopefully a Bit More Stable

Illustration for article titled Jenga-Inspired Table Is Hopefully a Bit More Stable

Sure, it takes its design inspiration from the popular game of toppling wooden blocks. But using this Pixel Table from Studio Intussen isn't going to leave you with stress-induced ulcers from worrying about its imminent collapse.


The table is made from a bundle of uniform bamboo slats that can be pushed and pulled to create spaces for storage, or extra tabletop real estate for holding drinks. Presumably the outer layer of bamboo has all been glued together so the whole thing doesn't just collapse, but you'll want to be careful not to extend any pieces too far. Because there's still some potential for a Jenga-like disaster here. Or, the best furniture based drinking game since Ottoman Chug. [Studio Intussen via Treehugger]

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Not like Jenga. In Jenga, each layer is stacked perpendicular to the layer above/below. All the layers in this table are parallel