Jerry Seinfeld Upgrades Classic Mac with iMac

Sadly, obsolete gadgets have to be replaced. Happily, change is good. This is what happened to Jerry Seinfeld's ever-present classic Macintosh which, after all these years, has been replaced by a new iMac.


It happened in the "Seinfeld reunion" episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The iMac seems to be from the previous generation, not the 16:9 model. Jerry's classic Mac was only replaced once before, during the last season, with an Apple Macintosh 20th Anniversary.

It wasn't the only wink to the Cupertino company during that episode, but it certainly was the most significant sign of time change.

I wonder if Jerry's iMac actually runs Windows (and that sound you heard was the scream of the million Apple fanboys reading these lines). I know. I'm a cruel man. [Macenstein and Edible Apple]


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