Jetblue to Get Internet Access

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Bored travelers rejoice. While that little kid may still be kicking your seat—yeah, I'm talking to you $5 vodka ingesting bad mother who let her kid kick my seat for the entire duration of my trip to E3—at least you will be able to have access to the Internet to keep your mind off other airline distractions. This is thanks to a wireless license that JetBlue won from a FCC auction that ended today. They will begin to offer high-speed Internet and other communication services—no cellphone use, though—on their commercial flights.

The company's subsidiary LiveTV LLC bid $7 million for a 1 megahertz wireless license, while a company with ties to AirCell Inc., which designs and sells airborne communications systems, won the 3 megahertz license with a bid of $31.3 million.

Great news for us single guys. Now we can have all of the online porn we could ever want at 30,000 feet. Mile-high club solo aviators division, here I come!


JetBlue wins an air-ground wireless license [Reuters]

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