Illustration for article titled Jetyo HDV-T900 Camcorder Requires Four Days Worth of Sunshine to Recharge

Jetyo's HDV-T900 solar-powered camcorder is probably not suitable for any nefarious nighttime activities you might have planned for that special anniversary, and judging from how long it would take to recharge, it's probably not good at much else either.


Engadget did the math, and by their rough estimate the 120mA solar cell would require about 25 hours of sunlight to recharge just one of the four AA batteries in this camcorder.

In any event, specs!

SDHC memory cards
fixed zoom/8x digital zoom
3-in digital display

Pretty thin, and the four consecutive days of recharging (one per battery) kind of leads me to pass on this one. I mean, I doubt they could even film an episode of House on this thing. [Jetyo via Engadget]


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