Jiffy, Indigo, and More

With the rate everyone's moving these days, it's nearly impossible to slow down and enjoy life even when you want to. Fortunately, you don't have to go through it alone. This week's set of Android apps are all about making your life easier, more organized, and with all the information you'll need just a finger swipe away.


Wikimedia Commons: The new Wikimedia Commons apps for iOS and Android make uploading pictures to Wikimedia's Creative Commons archive a piece of cake. By downloading and logging into the app, you can immediately start taking pictures and sending them off to that big Creative Common in the sky with just a quick title and description, and a few categories too if you feel like it. Granted, uploading photos to Wikimedia Commons from your computer was neverhard, exactly. Now it's just dumb easy. [Free]

Jiffy: Jiffy lets you track up to three activities in the free version as many as you can handle in the $2, premium version, os you can make sure you're distributing your time evenly. The main screen lists all your running tasks, letting you tap the one you're about to begin and automatically stopping whichever came before. As time goes on, you can look at summaries by day, week, month in all sorts of fun, brightly colored charts - all of which can be saved as a backup. [Free/$2]


Indigo: Personal assistants have been coming out left and right these days, and most of them have become fairly indistinguishable from one another. But Indigo takes one almost disconcertingly forward step out of the pack to track your conversations, questions, and reminders in addition to all the other goodies you've come to expect. The app is still in beta, but it works across all your devices. So if you're someone carrying multiple handsets and tablets around, you may be looking for exactly what Indigo has to offer. [Free]

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