Jigazo Universal Puzzle Duplicates Any Picture

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You could print a favorite picture and then cut it into puzzle pieces, sure. But what if, instead, you could use one puzzle to make any image?


The Jigazo puzzle is both a simple and brilliant idea. A series of 300 completely compatible puzzle pieces, each represents a slightly different tone and is marked with a tiny icon. You take a photo and upload it to Jigazo, and Jigazo gives you a paint-by-numbers style icon map. Position each piece in accordance to the map, and presto, you've got yourself a customized puzzle.

The purchase would be an import, but we spotted the Jigazo on one retailer for about $50. [Ameba via Slashdot]



So, if I'm understanding this correctly....and I'd like to think I am...they harvested, processed, refined, and then built a puzzle out of infinity.

Is that right?