Jockey Cures "Plumber's Ass" With Tech

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Looks like Jockey has solved the problem of "plumber's ass" with men's underwear called 3D Innovations, spandex briefs made in two halves and cut on the bias. According to a company spokeswoman:

"The builder's bum, an unsightly glimpse of a behind that no one ever needs see, is officially going to be a thing of the past."

After scanning 6000 male bodies, Jockey has figured out how to create a certain "stay put" shape that will eliminate this scourge once and for all. Instead of bringing all this technology to bear, we would suggest perhaps wearing pants that are the proper size. We're hoping the company doesn't decide to "fix" this same occurance in the fairer sex, a rather pleasing phenomenon otherwise known as a "coin slot."


It's goodbye to builder's bum [UTV, via Dvorak Uncensored]