Joey the Rocker Robot, More Conscious Than Some Humans

Meet Joey Chaos, the rocker robot who's the latest creation of Hanson Robotics. He was introduced at the RoboBusiness Conference and Expo earlier this month, and looks a lot like his older brother Jules we showed you before. Even though Joey has the same type of camera eyes that can track human faces and speech recognition software as his older brother, he somehow seems less human, especially when his interviewer tries a few questions other than "tell me more."


Check out another video of Joey Chaos, after the jump.

Depending on how you count, this version of the Hanson Robot is up in the mid-teens by now (Jules was version 13). Adding a bit of rocker hair and a few words such as "frickin'" brings robotics one step closer to human airheadedness. But even with his flaws, he's still real enough to be a bit creepy. We know plenty of real-life rockers with less conscious awareness than Joey.

Let's see Hanson create a woman for Joey next, and let them argue. But still, unless there's some giant leap in robo-tech, neither one would be able to fool the desk clerk at the Hotel California.

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Why design a robot to look like humans?