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John Mayer Cheats On Apple With Blackberry Bold

Illustration for article titled John Mayer Cheats On Apple With Blackberry Bold

Jesús has been doing a rash of John Mayer / Apple stories lately, for I don't really know what reason, but you guys seem to care about it a lot more than I do. Here's another: a Blackberry Bold, which is an interesting sign in terms of taste making and trendsetting by the guy who usually chooses all things Apple.


John's close to Cupertino, gets things like the Macbook Air early and has played the closing music at a keynote. So I wonder what they think about his latest blog post and I wonder if this is a good sign for the Bold. (Blackberry has more or less banned all blogs from their media plans, so I still haven't had enough exposure to tell you what I think, but maybe John will write a song or something in his next album.) God, I can't believe I just wrote this post. [Honeyee]

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golferal - pataflaflas FTW

@bobdobbs: Some users actually prefer a hardware keyboard to the onscreen type. And while there are alot of people who like the iPhone, there are alot more who like Blackberrys for this very reason.