"John Mayer Here" Works, Gets Direct Apple Reply to Anyone

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Hey Guys,

John Mayer here.

I just wanted to tell you that if you mention my name in your Mac OS X software crash report, it seems that there are real chances of you getting a direct reply from Apple Support, just like it happened to me. A Gizmodo reader did it and he got a reply straight away from the good people at Apple Support:

Thanks for including your email in your bugs.

You provided the following comment:

"Hi Apple, I heard John Mayer gets personal replies to his comments. Will I also receive a reply? My email is **********@scientificoutreachmedia.com
So, final cut pro keeps crashing. It was working fine until software update ran itself today, and quicktime was updated. Since then, I can't use Compressor to export to DVD because it keeps crashing. This is a huge problem, since I have to present the final copy of a project tomorrow. I'm at wit's end here."

Can you tell me more about the situation:

- What machine are you using?
- OS version?
- FCP/Compressor version?
- What content (codec type and source) are you attempting to export to DVD?
- What parameters are you setting in compressor?
- Is this issue content specific?
- If it is content specific can you send me a very small piece that reproduces the problem (a 1sec clip)?




See? I told you. You send the report mentioning my name and a man grinding a cigarette into an ashtray stands up waving a printout over his head and screams "WE GOT AN iTUNES CRASH OVER HEEAH!!!" Because in my mind everything looks like a '60s-era spy movie. Or a 70s porn one. I never get that right.

Anyway, hope it helps. Now I'm off to teach Steve some guitar. He's trying to get his hippie mojo back.

Thanks for reading, you guys,


John Mayer

P.S. Hey The Verve, I still love "Bittersweet Symphony." But I haven't returned to Radiohead. Too busy with Madonna and Justin's latest.

[Hi, John Mayer Here in Gizmodo]


No, I'm John Mayer, and so is my wife!