John Travolta Shows Off His Nasal Appliance

No one scene could ever contain all there is to love about the psychotic trainwreck that is Battlefield Earth (based on the novel by L. Ron "Scientology" Hubbard). But this moment is one of the better ones. John Travolta and Forest Whitaker (oh Forest, how could you?) are Psychlons, aliens from planet Psychlon (duh) who have bombed humanity back to the stone age. Over hundreds of years, they've turned Earth into a primitive mining outpost populated by a sparse number of humans and a few cranky Psychlons wearing strange ventilators who just want to get back home.

In this scene, social climber Travolta welcomes a higher up from the "Home Office," whom he hopes is about to transfer him to a nicer post. I just love the horrible acting here from actors who know better, plus the incredibly cheese effects and costumes. Of course, Travolta is about to find out that he's been assigned to Earth permanently for wronging a Senator's daughter. And the humans are about to revolt. The rest of the movie is filled with zany alien antics ala Home Alone, with the humans in the Macaulay Culkin role and the aliens as the bumbling thieves. Great flick to watch with the fast-forward button close at hand and your irony-colored glasses on. [Battlefield Earth via IMDB]



@Marcus: I think it's a visceral reaction to the fact that that with ALL that money and ALL those people involved whose jobs are in filmmaking, THIS was the best they could do?!

The very existence of the finished film product released to the public that is BATTLEFIELD EARTH is infuriatingly outrageous.