Jon Stewart Fans the Flames of the Apple/Microsoft War by Provoking Bill Gates

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Bill Gates is about the most mild-mannered and genuinely nice, um, unbelievably rich head of a multinational monolithic corporation that you could imagine. So why is Jon Stewart antagonizing him with anti-Zune and pro-iPhone barbs? Oh, right. Because it's funny.

Warning: Clips are from Hulu, which means they're US-only. Sorry, foreigners, but, well: U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


Last night's The Daily Show featured Bill Gates as a guest; great choice, except for a little awkwardness early on when one of Jon Stewart's bits included a casual reference to iPods. On the plus side, Jon learned that "Zuuuuune" is a fun word to say. The setup: President Obama has been feeling "detached" from everyday Amurricans, but his attempts to ingratiate himself haven't gone that well:

Bill was good-humored about the whole thing though; after all, this is Jon's mistake. Evidently he doesn't read my reviews, that I work so hard on, because if he did he'd know that the Zune HD is great, a far cry from the punchline the Zune line once was. Thanks a lot, Jon. Way to make me feel small. My insecurities aside, Jon later asked Bill if his retirement opened him up to new opportunities, like, say, owning a certain extremely popular smartphone:


When will this Microsoft/Apple war end, Jon? It's like the Israelis and Palestinians, except in every way. [Hulu]