Josh Has A Hot Date! All Other Originals Subplots Are Irrelevant

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Here it is — the one scene from last night's episode of The Originals that you absolutely need to watch. In which Josh the vampire meets up with the guy of his dreams... and there's a complication.

This vampire-werewolf romance just became the #1 most important subplot on The Originals. Not that last night's episode didn't offer plenty of other delights, as well. Including Elijah explaining his spin on feminism. Klaus' hilarious explanation of how his mother wants to turn all of the Originals into dysfunctional witches. And a few other things.

The main plot of the episode was all about the werewolves making another move against the vampires — but Finn decides the werewolves need to beef up their numbers by forcing some of their children to commit murder and trigger their wolf curse. So it's up to Marcel, Hayley, Elijah and the Rocker Chick to get the kids to safety — with Oliver taking the fall and going a teeny smidgen towards redeeming himself. And meanwhile, Klaus goes up against his father and wins — but spares Mikael's life, largely due to Camille's piss-poor psychology. Oh, and Kol double crosses Davina, who still thinks Kol is just a sweet witch boy from Blighty.


The meat of the episode, apart from the date, was probably Elijah training Rocker Chick while Mikael trains Davina — the two Originals giving their fighting tips to two very different women was sort of fascinating, and shed some light on what they each consider tough love. In Elijah's case, it's letting someone stick her hand all the way inside his chest. In Mikael's case, it's busting your ankle and then forcing you to stand up: