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JVC rolled out its GR-8750 MiniDV camcorder, an unremarkable shooter except for its horse-cock sized 34x optical zoom. Well, the lens itself isn't that big, but good luck holding that sucker still if you have it zoomed all the way in. Stick it on a tripod, though, and get some detailed close-ups of the craters of the Moon.

It shoots .34-megapixel stills, which are pretty much useless, and gives you a 2.7-inch viewscreen on which to peruse the festivities. The palm-sized camcorder weighs just less than a pound, and should be arriving in Japan in January, selling for somewhere south of 450 bucks.


I'd rather toss the tape and have one of JVCs 3-CCD Everio M505 hard drive camcorders that also shoots 5-megapixel stills, but that's just me.


GR-D750, the new JVC miniDV camcorder [Akihabara News]

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