JVC Rolls Out More 120Hz LCD HDTVs

JVC introduced its latest 120Hz LCD HDTVs, which look a whole lot like the 37-inch and 32-inch LCDs it showed us last June. Just like their predecessors, these three latest models, available in 42-inch, 37-inch and 32-inch sizes, stop short of 1080p with their 1,366x768 resolution.


This 120Hz tech takes that usual 60fps image and doubles it to 120fps, and with its 14-bit processing, interpolates the images in between in an effort to get a rid of a much of that pesky image blur of conventional LCD displays. Check out of a couple of shots JVC released that supposedly show the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz LCD display output, plus more pricing and availability info:

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Sure looks a lot better in these easily-faked examples. But the idea is sound; plus, since 120fps is a multiple of 24, with certain playback devices you can get native 24-frame playback without resorting to judder-introducing 3:2 pulldown.

The 32-inch LT-32LC95 and 37-inch LT-37LC95 models will roll out in Japan late next month for $1889 and $2381 respectively, while the 42-inch LT-42LC95 screen will be available in March for $3038. Too bad these sets can't display 1080p for those prices, such as Sharp's upcoming 42-incher that will be available in April for not much more money: $3500.


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