JVC Introduces 120Hz LCDs

Two new LCD TVs from JVC announced this week may not be 1080p, but they use JVC's new Clear Motion Drive to make images smoother with less ghosting than regular LCDs. The Clear Motion Drive sets the refresh rate at 120Hz, which means it's twice the refresh rate of the signal, at 60Hz. To make up the difference in frame rate, the technology inserts an interpolated image between two images so there's a smoother transition between frames. The result is less motion blur and ghosting.

The displays have an "ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuner, two HDMI inputs, two component inputs, two S-video inputs, 15-pin S-sub PC input, and both analog and optical and analog audio output. "


The larger, 37" LCD (LT-37X987) will cost $2,700 in August, and the smaller 32" LCD (LT-32X987) will cost $2,000 in October.

Press Release [JVC via Digital Trends]

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