JVC's 32-Inch, LED-Backlit TV Is Just a Quarter-Inch Thick

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At Cedia UK, JVC is showing off its 32-inch LT-32WX50, which appears to be a close relation to the 7mm-thick GD-32X1 we heard about earlier this month. It's extremely thin, and carries it well.

Though I see hints of a protruding buttocks, as is the main issue with the GD-32X1, the set is admirably wispy. And aside from its svelteness and light source, the 1080p TV boasts a few notable features—namely, its 100Hz refresh rate, 4000:1 contrast ratio and apparent support for some kind of direct digital media playback, as evidenced by its built-in SD slot and USB ports. Since it was shown at a British event, pricing and availability are UK-only, but a helpful indicator: £1900 (about $3000) is the retail target, and it's landing in October or November. [TechRadar]