KDDI's Phones Look Better Than Yours

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It's not like KDDI's got anything to prove when it comes to its phone design cred, what after models like the Penck and the Talby, but they went all "pshaw" after seeing DoCoMo's attempt earlier today at a design handset and dropped the W32H for its WIN EV-DO network, a phone probably best described as "slick. With a Starck-looking front display, it's a music-centric device with an FM radio as well as mini-SD support, USB connectivity and PC software to rip CDs and compatibility with KDDI's music download service.


Oh, and they also released the W32S, a very pink and plasticky number that's been designed for all the laydeez. Or dudes that like pink. It should also be noted that these are the first non-DoCoMo handsets that have FeliCa contactless payment technology, which is quickly becoming Japan's standard. — CL

KDDI W32H [Akihabara News]
KDDI W32S[K-Tai Watch (Japanese)]

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