Keep an Eye on Rooftop Cargo With This Hood-Mounted Rear-View Mirror

Illustration for article titled Keep an Eye on Rooftop Cargo With This Hood-Mounted Rear-View Mirror

Driving with anything strapped to the roof of your car—be it bikes, a kayak, or even a mattress—makes for a stressful road trip. The RoofScope promises to bring you a little more peace of mind with rooftop cargo, though, providing a constant view of how everything on top of your car is doing without having to leave the driver's seat.


The RoofScope is a wide-angle mirror that adheres to the hood of your car with a large suction cup, the same kind used to secure heavy and expensive camera equipment. Once in place you position the mirror so that it provides a clear view of what's sitting on top of your vehicle. It doesn't guarantee that everything is going to remain strapped down, but if something does come loose, or disappear, you'll immediately know about.

It also serves as a constant reminder that there is something strapped to the roof of your car, so you'll be extra careful when driving under overpasses, or places with a low ceiling. The RoofScope is starting life on Kickstarter, so the usual crowdfunding 'buyer beware' concerns are in play, but with a donation of $50 you can secure one for yourself, and never lose another expensive bike to a parking garage ever again. [RoofScope via Gizmag]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Good idea, but this is something that would sell on QVC for $9.99 not $50. It's basically just a phone/GPS stand with a mirror attachment.