Keep Dangerous Animals At Bay With This 950,000V Hiking Stick Stun Gun

If you're on a hike and come across a predator that's determined to protect its young or its turf, you're not going to have much luck scaring it off with whistles or loud noises. You need a deterrent that's a little more convincing, like a 950,000-volt stun gun on the end of a 56-inch hiking pole that helps you keep a safe distance while you're scaring off a bear, wolf, or crazed mountain hermit.


The non-lethal jolt of electricity is enough to knock a human off their feet, and should be an effective way to convince something as large as a bear to back off and flee. But since the business end of the $75 pole's built-in stun gun happens to be located on the top of its handle, you'll want to take great care in not losing the included rubber cap that protects its electrodes. Otherwise you'll be giving your muscles a stronger workout than even a 100-mile trek up a mountain ever could. [Personal Security Products via GearJunkie]

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