Kensington iPod Accessories: Includes Weird Grille-less Speaker

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We were distracted by the iPod nano this week, so forgive us for missing this announcement of five new Kensington iPod accessories. In fact, three of them are actually iPod nano-compatible, thanks to the whole Universal Dock adapter thing that Apple implemented.

The most notable accessory to debut is the weird grille-less NXT flat panel speaker, the SX 2000 (pictured here). The odd design will supposedly deliver a more "balanced sound" with a "wider sweet spot." I wonder if its list of features include "throwing off your entire living room decor" and "looking kinda freakish."


We weren't able to find pictures of the rest of the releases, which include a Micro FM transmitter and 2-in-1 Digital FM Radio and FM Transmitter for iPod, both of which will be iPod nano-compatible. The other two releases are for the iPod Shuffle: one's a travel plug adapter with USB charger, and another's a "Transporters" package that includes an iPod Shuffle belt clip.

The SX 2000 speakers will cost you $159.99, whereas the Micro FM Transmitter and Digital FM Radio/Transmitter will go for $50 and $79.99 respectively. As for the Shuffle accessories, the Travel Plug adapter's price will be $39.99, and the Transporters will cost $19.99. We'll update you with pics as we get them.

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