Kickster Takes A Stand, Adds Grip and Kickstand to iPod Nano

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Besides the fact that I think lots of gadgets should have kickstands, this new iPod Nano case is actually practical. The Kickster has a kickstand on the back that doubles as a handle for holding the Nano in video mode.

Our Nano reviewer had pretty steady hands when filming footage, but for those that get the shakes the Kickster should help. I also presume it will make shooting with one hand easier. And honestly, if I watch a video on my iPod Touch I always like to prop it up with something; this case takes care of that with its swivel mechanism that lets you kick the stand up vertically or horizontally.


The Kickster was designed by the open-sourcers at Quirky so the profits of the $14.95 case will be split amongst designers. Kinda sucks that they don't know if it will fit the fourth generation Nano, but I'm assuming it does. [Quirky Kickster]