Kids Poloroid Booth-Bring on the Fun

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If you miss stuffing yourself into one of those curtained booths to take photos that always came out looking awful, you'll really appreciate the My Photo Booth Polaroid camera ($35). Of course, it's really made for kids, but you don't have to tell anyone if you really dig it. It's got a little mirror and comes with a timer and flash for the same type of booth photos you know and love. Of course, the pics you get are on the tiny iZone film, and will only be one-inch by one-inch, but they can be made into stickers, so it's all worth it. Comes with a roll of film, though it looks like it only uses the older iZone film, not the newer iZone 200, making it harder to find. However, check or go straight to Polaroid for refills.


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