Kids These Days Send 34 Texts After Bedtime Alone

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Kids These Days Send 34 Texts After Bedtime Alone

How are the youth of America spending their witching hours? Typing on the phone, apparently, an average of three dozen times per night. My god, how do they have that many friends? Sounds exhausting.

The indictment comes from a study by the JFK Medical Center, which concluded that teenagers send an average of 34 texts a night, often sleeping with their phones so as not to miss a single ping. What does this lead to? Apparently "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, depression, and learning difficulties." Which many of them may have suffered from anyhow, on account of being teenagers.

Honestly, I almost relieved, given that if kids weren't texting so much at night, their days would be full of pretty much nothing but. Maybe this way they at least take a few moments to enjoy a amber-hued sunset, and tweet about it. [MSBC]