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Kidtronics: By Fisher Price, Of Course

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hold on to your children, my friends—looks like their gonna get another reason to dig into mommy's and daddy's pocketbooks soon. Fisher-Price, toymaker extraordinaire, is planning to release a new line of products called "Kidtronics" which should be previewed at February's International Toy Show in NYC. Now, I know we've been dealing with Furbies and toned-down kiddie electronics for years now, but Fisher-Price is really going for the gold this time, with stuff like an MP3 music player that would play digitally-recorded books and a Kid-Tough digital camera (which has the grips on the side to protect the flash port from being covered by naughty children's hands). Way to go Fisher-Price, thanks for adding some extra cash to my holiday buying list. It's not enough I have to buy my brother-in-law a new DVD player? Now I have to buy my 2-year-old a camera. Rock on.

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