Kindle DX Flamewar, Bring On the Hate!

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Do you think $500 is an insult to the economy? Did you just buy a Kindle 2? Are you angry? No? Well maybe you should be.

I mean, you do realize, all those fancy Kindle DX firmware functions, like .pdf support and line length adjustment (an easy way to add space to the margins), won't be coming to the Kindle 2 or Kindle 1. Amazon claims that these updates are dependent on screen size. But wouldn't you prefer to make that judgment on your own? Wouldn't you prefer to at least have the option to view a .pdf natively?


Let it all out in the comments at Amazon's expense (which is technically your expense, if you've bought a Kindle or any other product from the company). You can't be banned in this thread, haters. So get mean.