Kindle Fire Will Have Apps for Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, and Tons of Games Next Week

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Kindle Fire owners worried that their apps will come from the Amazon Appstore instead of the Android Market can breathe a little easier—they'll get apps for Netflix, Facebook, Pandora, Zynga games and "thousands" of others next week. Phew.

One of the major gripes about the Kindle Fire is that the custom UI only supports apps purchased through the Amazon Appstore—effectively blocking out the hundreds of thousands of apps already developed for Android. Amazon is reviewing all of the apps in its store to ensure that they are all individually optimized for the Kindle Fire. Well why were we worried? It's Amazon. THEY GOT THIS.

The approved Kindle Fire apps we know about seem to confirm that the Kindle Fire is primarily a media tablet. Beyond the streaming services, the list includes all of the major mobile game players: Zynga, EA, Gameloft, PopCap and Rovi. So don't worry, yes Angry Birds, yes Plants vs Zombies.


Streaming services are essential for the success of any tablet, but app offerings in a broader context might end up being the major factor which distinguishes the Kindle Fire from the recently announced Nook Tablet. [Amazon]

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[posted this as a reply to someone below, but posting it again because I want some dicussion/answers]:

What's the word on HBO GO?

This news is almost turning me toward the Samsung Galaxy Plus that's launching on the same day. If I can't watch The Wire on my Kindle using the HBO Go subscription I already pay for, that's a total deal breaker.

**So here's my question***: can I do all of the things I can do on the Kindle Fire on any Android tablet (i.e. 7" Galaxy Tab)? Because I'll spend the extra money for the Tab and get the full Android app store, but only if I know I can do all of the wonderful Amazon things I've already committed myself to (the streaming videos and e-books and cloud drive that comes with my Prime subscription).

Arrrgghhhh this is driving me crazy.