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Klipsch LightSpeakers Screw Into Light Bulb Sockets, Play Music Wirelessly

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

These Klipsch LightSpeakers may be ugly as sin, but the idea of having speakers and LED lights in the same light bulb unit should appeal to haters of wires and unnecessary gadgetry.

The LED light bulb fits 5 and 6-inch light fixtures and is completely dimmable, meaning you can replace the usual bulbs you use with a set of these Klipsch ones, which will last for 40,000 hours apparently. Pipe music wirelessly through to the lights, which contain a 2.5-inch wide dispersion driver and uses up 20 watts. The LightSpeaker kit comes with a transmitter, which connects to a PC, CD player or iPod and sends the audio to up to eight of the light bulbs with two separate zones.


The two LightSpeakers, transmitter, remote and cables cost $599, with individual LightSpeakers on sale for $249 at the end of the month. [Klipsch via BusinessWire]