Kodak EasyShare One Reviewed (Verdict: Surprising)

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Seeing as how Kodak is currently being run out of the CEO's basement and his kids are manufacturing and packing up all the EasyShare cameras, it's nice to see a little good news in regards to their latest crop of WiFi cameras. This $599 Wi-Fi camera uses a pretty standard 4-megapixel sensor but has great wireless interaction and an impressive feature set. Luckily, the most important feature—WiFi interaction—is as easy as tapping a few onscreen buttons.

Quite clearly Kodak wanted to be first to market with this—ignoring the abysmal 2-megapixel Concord offering—and they succeeded. Will it pull the venerable Kodak name out of the bargain bin? Probably not, but it's a step in the right direction.


Kodak EasyShare One [DesignTechnica]

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