Kodak V610 Reviewed (Verdict: Ehhh...)

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The $499 V610 is Kodak's latest addition to their dual-lens line and offers 10X zoom—with a twist. Unfortunately, the zoom isn't smooth and jumps between 114-130mm which, as the reviewer writes, is annoying.


The V610 is ultra-thin and slick and has a number of interesting pre-sets. It has to 6MP CCD sensors but can only take up to 6-megapixel pictures at 2832x2128. The 2.8-inch LCD is bright and fancy and it is compatible with all of Kodak's frippery, including the EasyShare printer and photo dock. Finally, the V610 is also Bluetooth-enabled, meaning you can send photos wirelessly to Bluetooth enabled devices and also, potentially, add GPS data.

Overall, the camera is a strong contender in the space but the 10x zoom wasn't quite up to par.

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