Kodak Wants Pictures of Your Mom

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Have you ever thought your photos were good enough to use in a commercial? Well, Kodak thinks so too. As part of a new advertising campaign, Kodak will let you add your photos online to Kodak's Gallery commercial, in which a tour guide leads a group of wide-eyed children through an exhibition with a mix of famous photos and pictures of everyday life hanging on the walls.


So, alongside those images of Muhammad Ali, man's first footprint on the moon and Martin Luther King in the commercial, you can add a picture of your brother's bar mitzvah; your cat named Rufus; or your recent trip to Miami. Using an online tool at www.kodak.com, you can import up to five of your digital images into the commercial, then screen your own "edit" of the 60-second spot. Then email the commercial to a bunch of your friends and lie to them that it will be airing during the next episode of "Lost." In truth, your version of the Gallery commercial will remain viewable via the email link for the next 30 days.

"People told us how moved they were by the emotional pictures and stories in the (original) spot, and how it really captured Kodak's ability to protect and share these images," said Marianne Samenko, director of Kodak's Worldwide Brand Communications, and Vice President of Kodak's Consumer Digital Group. "We wanted to share the Gallery experience with them, and make it more personal by incorporating their photos." —Dan Havlik


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