Kodak's First Touchscreen Camera Shoots 720p, Goes By "Slice"

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Kodak's first wave of cameras basically embodied the commodity point-and-shoot: they were cheap, simple, and not particularly good. The Slice, their first touchscreen P&S, is their first attempt at something better.

The Slice is the only camera that stands out in Kodak's new P&S line, not just for its touchscreen, but for its price. $350 gets you 14MP still shots and 720p, 30fps video, optical image stabilization, a Lithium Ion battery, and facial recognition and tagging. It's a sleek little slice slab of phone, but honestly, touchscreen point-and-shoot isn't?

$350 isn't play money, and it edges dangerously close to high-end point-and-shoot territory, where it'd have to compete with the likes of the Canon S90, which seems like a pretty terrible idea. But with these kinds of cameras—that is, featureless rectangular prisms that are supposed to take pictures—the proof in in the pictures. [Kodak]

KODAK SLICE Touchscreen Camera Lets You Share
and Relive Moments Instantly

New Digital Camera Boasts Sleek Exterior with Thousands of KODAK Moments Inside

Rochester, NY, January 7, 2010 - Eastman Kodak Company today announced the latest addition to its consumer digital product portfolio, designed to make it easier than ever for people to share pictures with family and friends anytime, anywhere. The KODAK SLICE Touchscreen Camera lets consumers carry a personal photo album worth sharing and reliving at all times. With a sleek and intuitive 3.5-inch touchscreen, and the KODAK SLICE Search Feature, consumers can find the pictures they want from up to 5,000 that can be stored on internal memory. Then, they can easily share those pictures right from the back of the camera.

"Kodak knows that consumers want the ability to share life's memories at a moment's notice, whether it's pictures that evoke a tear or just the funny everyday moments," said John Blake, General Manager, Digital Capture and Devices and Vice President, Kodak. "The power of sharing and reliving life's moments drove the development of our new SLICE Camera. It provides instant access to all of your KODAK Moments, and it's right at your fingertips."

Store, Sort and Share with the SLICE Camera
With the ability to store up to 5,000 pictures in HD resolution, the SLICE Camera's onboard KODAK SLICE Search Feature and Face Recognition allow consumers to sort through thousands of pictures by person, place, date, or occasion in order to locate and share a collection of treasured moments.

The touchscreen and Share Button allow consumers to tag pictures directly on the camera for effortless uploading to popular sharing sites including Facebook, KODAK Gallery, Flickr, and YouTube. Pictures can also be tagged to email or to send directly to the new KODAK PULSE Digital Frame.

KODAK SLICE Touchscreen Camera features include:
• Intuitive 3.5-inch, 16:9 LCD touchscreen with anti-reflective coating
• KODAK SLICE Search Feature and Face Recognition to easily sort, locate and share pictures
• Share Button for easy upload to Facebook, KODAK Gallery, Flickr, YouTube sites and e-mail
• Store up to 5,000 pictures in HD resolution
• Stunning image quality with a 14MP CCD sensor and 5X SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH Lens
• Built-in optical image stabilization
• 720p/30fps HD video capture
• Kodak's exclusive Smart Capture feature, which analyzes scenes and automatically adjusts camera settings to deliver beautiful pictures more often
• Compatible with PC or APPLE iLife Software
• Li-Ion rechargeable battery included
The KODAK SLICE Touchscreen Camera will be available in black, nickel and radish for US $349.95 MSRP beginning in April 2010. Best Buy will initially be the exclusive retailer for in-store sales. The KODAK SLICE Touchscreen Camera will also be sold online at Amazon.com and Kodak.com.
Kodak is also introducing a case for the SLICE Camera, which was designed in a competition among accessories students at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. The final case design was chosen by celebrated designer Steve Madden and FIT faculty.
*Colors and availability may vary by region

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bugattatra - parallel double-park that muthafucka sideways

I will NEVER own another Kodak product again.

Once bought a Kodak allinone printer, come to find out that it only prints at high resolution if the machine reads an embedded barcode on the back of expensive Kodak paper, and the only prints in highest res if you pay more for the "premium" paper, which is identical to the cheaper Kodak paper in every way bar the barcode... then it broke irreparably after two weeks.