Illustration for article titled Koran-Burning Church Gets Website Pulled By Rackspace

So! That church that wants to burn the Koran this weekend, Dove World Outreach Center? While we can't make them disappear altogether, they've at least been taken off the internet by their web host, Rackspace.


While the church is crying censorship, Rackspace's argument that maliciously setting fire to a holy text violates the "no hate speech" clause in Dove World Outreach's contract is pretty inarguable. Pastor Terry Jones has until midnight to gather up his internet flock and move them to another host. The First Amendment protects Jones's right to express his beliefs as he pleases, but it doesn't mean Rackspace has to put up with it—especially if it violates a binding legal agreement between the two. [CNN via CrunchGear; Image: AP]

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