Korg's Cliphit Turns Whatever's In Reach Into an Instant Drum Kit

With a pair of drumsticks (or pencils) and a good imagination, anything can be turned into an impromptu drum kit. But Korg doesn't want you to have to settle for imaginary sounds, or your terrible beatboxing skills. Its new Cliphit uses three cabled clips that attach and turn almost anything into drum pads that trigger different realistic sounding samples.


The built-in sound effects include snares, hi-hats, toms, cymbals, and bass drums, and the user can choose between rock, pop, or standard drum kits. The actual clips feature built-in motion sensors that can tell how hard you hit a box, a magazine, or whatever they're clipped to, which in turn controls how loud a sample is played through the Cliphit's three-inch speaker. The control itself has a sensor too, allowing you to play it and trigger samples using your hands.

The portable unit is powered by four AA batteries letting you perform for about six hours before needing a new set. And if you've got an audience, you can actually connect and play your MP3 player through the Cliphit's own speaker instead of using headphones. Because everyone loves drums, right? Especially when played by an amateur on desks, potato chip cans, and lampshades. [Korg]

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