Kwikset's Connected Locks Feature Remote Locking, Email Notifications

Illustration for article titled Kwiksets Connected Locks Feature Remote Locking, Email Notifications

Every city dweller has had that panicky moment of "Crap, did I leave the door unlocked this morning?" Kwikset's new locks let you check to see if you did in fact forget, and then lock the door if you did.

The locks allow remote status checks and changes, so anywhere you've got a secure internet connection, you can lock and unlock the door at will. It's also got a ton of extra features, like turning on customized lighting when you enter the door or notifying you via email of anyone going in and out of your house. This is all done by Kwikset's marginally paranoid Connect4 system, and it's likely to cost a pretty penny. But I'd definitely pay a premium to be able to know for sure whether I locked the door. [Kwikset via Engadget]

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Benny Gesserit

I just have this vision of someone trapped outside in their skivies because the other half saw the door unlocked mid-day, locked it and changed the code remotely.