Being the businessman that he is, it wasn't the movie Blade Runner that struck L.A. real estate mogul Sonny Astani, it was the animated billboards depicted in the opening sequence. In fact, the idea has had such a profound effect on him that he plans on making advertising in 2019 Los Angeles a reality ahead of schedule. His plans call for two 14 story animated billboards to be built on condos set for construction downtown.

The display itself will consist of hundreds of rows of LEDs spaced 6 inches apart. Apparently, this will allow residents to see out of the floor-to-ceiling windows, but at a distance it will appear to be a complete image. Whether or not this over-the-top advertising will be as tacky and annoying as it sounds remains to be seen. In order for Astani's pilfered vision to come true, it still has to be approved by city officials. Let's hope they have some sense. [io9 via Wired]


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