Illustration for article titled LaCie LaCinema Classic HD: 1TB Media Player for $250

LaCie makes design-friendly, premium hard drives. But while it's no surprise that their LaCinema Classic HD looks this attractive, the $250 price is shockingly reasonable.

The LaCie LaCinema Classic HD is, at its heart, a 1TB hard drive with HDMI-out. You can load up media through USB from a PC or Mac (or flash drive). Then you can carry the drive to your television and watch DivX or MKV H.264 movies.


But it's always a DLNA-compliant HD media player. In other words, you can hook it in to your network through ethernet (Wi-Fi dongle available) and stream media without copying the files over.

Time will tell if LaCie's player can compete with the rest of the competition (see our full Battlemodo here), but available now for $250, it's certainly the best-looking media streamer we've seen to date. [LaCie]

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