LaCie Wrapped This 1TB External Drive in Mirror-Finish Gorilla Glass

LaCie's no stranger to turning external storage into works of art. Last year it hid a terabyte of drive space inside a silver-plated sphere, and while its brand new Mirror might have a more traditional rectangular form factor, it's the first external drive to be completely wrapped in reflective, scratch-resistant, mirror-finish Gorilla Glass. So you'll spend as much time looking at yourself as you do looking at it.


Available in late January for about $280, the drive comes with an ebony wood display stand so it's clearly designed to improve the aesthetics of your desk while it improves your data backup with an extra terabyte of external storage for your computer. But unlike last year's silver-plated Sphère which actually had to be handled with gloves to prevent tarnishing, the Gorilla Glass 3 used on the Mirror means you can be as rough with it as you are with your smartphone without it getting scratched, nicked, or marred. [LaCie]

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