Laptop Laser-Etching Coming To NYC, Your Town

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Want a cool laser-etched laptop like our own Gina Trapani? MAKE's Phil Torrone's and Limor Fried just started a laser-etching service in NYC, and for a price of $100 you can get your laptops lasered with any design you want. For $30, you can get your cellphone, iPod, or other gadget marked as well.


Don't want to pay $100? Then you're in luck, because Phil's made the entire business' plans open source, so you take their blueprints and start your own laser studio in your town. The laser costs about $15,000, so including overhead you just need to laser 200 laptops to break even. Not a high number at all.

Product Page [Adafruit]

Laser-etching coming to a laptop near you []

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