Laser Helicopters Fulfill 2 of My 3 Childhood Fantasies

Illustration for article titled Laser Helicopters Fulfill 2 of My 3 Childhood Fantasies

Laser tag is sweet. R/C helicopters are sweet. When you combine the two only good things can happen. That's why I'm pretty amped about the news that a Chinese toy maker has armed its new R/C chopper with an IR transmitter and sensor, allowing for two to have laser dogfights in midair. If one gets hit, its power gets cut, sending it crashing to the ground. Cold blooded!


These things don't have U.S. distribution yet, which is a crime. Let's make it happen, toy industry! Me wantee!

Product Page [via I4U]


Finally, a product that makes the pain and anguish of parenthood worth it. They need to make this product available here so I can purchase these — for my kids. Really. I will just need to try it out before they do to make certain they are safe, of course. Because I love my children. Really.

(But do I love them enough to let play with this toy when I am done trying it? Hmmm...)