Last Day to Buy HyperMac's External MacBook Batteries (With Cords)

Illustration for article titled Last Day to Buy HyperMacs External MacBook Batteries (With Cords)

At midnight tonight, HyperMac will shutter shop and re-open as HyperJuice "in the coming weeks." This is, of course, due to Apple getting all legal on their use of patent-defying MagSafe connectors, but HyperMac is hopeful something can be arranged.


They're still allowed to go on selling the external batteries, but without the cords it's not very helpful naturally. Apparently stock is limited for the external batteries (which work with all MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and iPods), so ensure you get your order in before midnight tonight, Pacific-time. [HyperMac]

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I'm guessing they are going to start making them with wall plug sockets instead soon.