Last Night's LEGO Simpsons Episode Was Filled With Philip K. Dick Puns

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All the best stuff in last night's LEGO episode of The Simpsons was lurking in the background. Behind the story of Homer and Lisa are lots of little jokes about brick sizes and reality-distorting science fiction.

The "co-branding" episode was a sort of inversion of The LEGO Movie, with Homer slipping into a plastic dream world to escape the reality of Lisa growing up. And while Bart was fun as a Master Builder:

The real fun in the episode was looking for all the jokes in the background. Springfield was rife with brick puns:

And both Moe's and the Springfield Church (the "reform" church that accepts decals as part of the natural world) had references to specific types of bricks in the background:

But our favorite part was the bookshelf at the Android's Dungeon, where Homer realizes that there is another reality, one where everything isn't made of LEGO bricks. Quite appropriately, the shelves are filled with Philip K. Dick books:

On the other hand, was the Comic Book Guy implying that Dick is "second-rate science fiction?"

What did you think of the episode? What were your favorite LEGO jokes?