Last Night's Posthuman Simpsons Couch Gag Was The Weirdest One Yet

The Simpsons' couch gags have turned into a showcase for different directors and animators who often turn the opening credits into spectacular short films. We're particularly in love with the sublime strangeness of last night's couch gag, which imagines the animated family some 8,000 years in the future.


Rejected and Everything Will Be OK creator Don Hertzfeldt came up with this fantastic, far-future vision of The Simpsons. We still love you, too, Homer.

[via Laughing Squid]



There was more brilliance packed into this thing than can be found in the entirety of the last ten years of Simpsons episodes. I watch the Simpsons religiously because I still find them fun but since the shows are disposable now I quickly delete them. This one I kept for the couch gag because I desperately wish it was an actual show.

Make sure you vigorously touch flippers while you watch.