Latest in Psystar Saga: Mac Clones Supposedly Shipping Right Now + New Facility Up Close

When we last checked in on super shady Mac cloner Psystar's gridskipping ways, they'd supposedly somehow managed to land a $6 million pad—a little fishy, given their brief history. A ZDNet reader on the ground got up close, reporting that there's definite activity at the location, though no hard confirmation it's Psystar that's the busy bee. More importantly, Psystar claims they're "up and running" and have started shipping orders placed the week of April 7, with orders from last week going out on April 21 from their new shop.


Tracking numbers are supposed to go out when your order ships, so if anyone ordered two weeks ago, you should have gotten yours already. And anyone ballsy enough to jump in after the slime started to hit the fan should theoretically get 'em on Monday. If you've ordered one, let us know how it goes. A huge thanks to all of you pushing this thing forward, please keep the tips coming. [ZDNet, Thanks JB!]

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