Krups seems to have come up with the master-toaster's toaster. The TT6190 can do all kinds of everything to your buns, as well lighting up your kitchen and seducing your wife. For $60, what else can this baby do? There's a defrost option, which means no burnt corners and frozen center when you put your bread straight in from the freezer, and eight different toasting options—even bagels are catered for.

The brushed steel exterior is cool to the touch (why does that sound like something from Danielle Steele?) and there's a cancel button if you think you're giving your bread the wrong treatment. Oh, and there's no dicing with death as you stick the knife down the slot in search for that dwarf piece of toast, as there's a special high-lift toasting lever. My only complaint is that the TT6190 doesn't have four slots, because I'm a greedy girl who can woof eight slices in one sitting.


Krups lands either a toaster or UFO in your kitchen [Sci-Fi Tech]