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Leaked Images Appear Showing an Updated Oculus Quest

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: Oculus (via @h0x0d on Twitter (Other)

About a month ago, Oculus announced that it was slimming down its VR headset portfolio by dropping support for the Oculus Go in order to focus more on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S. But now, new photos have emerged depicting a revamped Oculus Quest with potentially a new set of lenses and a launch date that’s not too far away.

In a couple of photos posted on Twitter by established leaker WalkingCat, we can see shots of what looks like a refreshed and streamlined Oculus Quest along with a caption that reads “15 Sept.” While WalkingCat doesn’t explicitly mention if that date is supposed to signify an official announcement or release date, if accurate, it means Oculus could be prepping to release a new VR headset in less than two months.

While WalkingCat’s shot looks a lot like typical press renders, the device in the pictures is quite close to another set of leaked photos posted today on Reddit. So while we can’t be 100% sure these photos are legit, seeing two different leaks surface showing very similar designs adds an extra level of credibility.


Clad in white plastic, this revamped Oculus Quest appears to be an even sleeker and streamlined update to the original Quest which was announced back in the fall of 2018. Scattered across the headset are standard ports including what looks to be a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB-C port, along with slim vents for the Quest’s built-in speakers.


However, what we can’t see on this refreshed Quest is a slider for adjusting the interpupillary distance, which is typically used to help adjust the focus for users with varying facial and eye structures. And when you combine the lack of an IPD slider with what look like slightly different-shaped lenses, that means Oculus’ next quest could feature revamped optics including new lenses and maybe even an upgraded display.


That said, aside from being white instead of black, the controllers shown in WalkingCat’s image look very similar to the Quest’s existing controllers, so it’s possible not everything on the new Quest is getting a complete overhaul.

Unfortunately, we’re still lacking info about the new Quest’s price and availability, along with what kind of hardware will power Oculus’ next VR headset. But with Oculus having previously said that it’s looking to “double down on improving our offerings for the Quest and Rift,” giving its current entry-level VR headset a facelift seems like a great way to deliver on that promise.