Leaked Images Reveal More Retro Camera Goodness Might Be On the Way From Fujifilm

Images supposedly leaked to the rumors website Digicam Info reveal a gorgeous little camera labeled the X-E1. Is this a new retro shooter that will join Fuji's X100 and X-Pro1? We hope so, it looks very promising—like Fujifilm built the camera for a broader audience this time.

The new camera will be another compact system cam like the X-Pro1—in fact, don't be surprised if it's just a user-friendly version of the X-Pro1. While the beautiful camera had the APS-C sensor everyone expects from a interchangeable-lens shooter—not to mention a wonderful viewfinder and excellent handling—it fell short of people's expectations. The camera's processor is so slow as to be a drag and its autofocus speeds are abysmal. Oh, and it costs $1700 just for the body.


X-E1 would seem to be streamlined version: No more electronic viewfinder but yes pop-up flash—those are exactly the kind of design changes a company makes when it's heading at a broader, less technical audience. And since the top image has an XF lens on board, that means we're likely going to see APS-C guts inside. Like both the X-series cameras, the X-E1, is a solid hunk of metal, and we're very pleased to see that it's intuitive two-dial exposure settings are still there. We can't know for sure if this is Fujifilm's next camera, but we certainly hope it is—as long as they've done something about the lag. [Digicam Info via Pocket Lint via Engadget]

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