Illustration for article titled Leaked Intel Roadmap Reveals Budget Desktop Offerings, Possible Mac Pro Chip

For those of you who get hot and bothered by leaked Intel product roadmaps, please sit down. We have one here for desktops that runs the gamut from budget Core i3 and a low-power i5 marked with an "S."


Is the S for Savings? Who knows, but we do know that this Core i5 offering will lower the chip from 95W to 82W. The Core i3 mentioned above removes Turbo Boost from the line in an attempt to go budget-friendly. Other news? The Core i9 Gulftown chip won't arrive until Q2 2010.

And about that Gulftown chip... The folks at AppleInsider opined this morning that the chip could very well be headed to the next version of the Mac Pro, as was previously rumored to be the case. [Impress PC Watch via Electronista via Engadget, AppleInsider]

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